Important Dates

Paper submission: 30 April 2008
Paper notification: 31 May 2008
Camera-ready: 30 June 2008
Conference: 30 - 31 July 2008 (NEW DATE)
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Technical Program

Wednesday 30 July 2008

08:00 Registration

08:45 Opening

09:00 Keynote: Domenico Parisi: How behaviour becomes what it is

10:00 Session: Cognitive Architectures
            Mikhailova et al. Coupling of mental concepts to a reactive layer: incremental approach in system design [PDF]
            Quinton and Buisson. Multilevel anticipative interactions for goal oriented behaviors [PDF]
            Coffee break
            Hart, Sen and Grupen. Generalization and transfer in robot control [PDF]

11:50 Poster highlights
            Wood. More bang for the buck: minimal models as tools for exploring ontogeny [PDF]
            Zhang and Spratling. Automated learning of coordinate transformations [PDF]
            Wilkinson. Active balance may emerge from homeostatic adaptation to natal change of medium [PDF]
            Ridge, Skocaj and Leonardis. Towards learning basic object affordances from object properties [PDF]
            Egbert and Di Paolo. Mechanisms of adaptation to periodic environmental change [PDF]
            Baxter and Browne. Towards a developmental memory-based and embodied cognitive architecture [PDF]
            Wagner. Tracing the development of primate social attention: Where do human and nonhuman paths diverge? [PDF]

12:30 Lunch / poster session

14:00 Keynote: Claudio Stern: The magic of gastrulation: from cells to embryo, from molecules to models and back again

15:00 Session: Embryology and Evolution
            Fontana. Epigenetic tracking, a method to generate 2D arbitrary shapes by using evo-devo techniques [PDF]
            Winks and Berthouze. Predicting the timing of critical periods in development [PDF]
            Schlesinger. Heterochrony: It's (all) about time! [PDF]

16:50 Session: Neuroscience
            Fiore. Instrumental conditioning driven by neutral stimuli: A model tested with a simulated robotic rat [PDF]
            Soltoggio. Neuromodulation Increases decision speed in dynamic environments [PDF]

18.30 Social dinner

Thursday 31 July 2008

09:00 Keynote: Eva Jablonka: Epigenetic inheritance in heredity and evolution: A developmental perspective

10:00 Session: Motivation
            Mugan and Kuipers. Towards the application of reinforcement learning to undirected developmental learning [PDF]
            Oudeyer and Kaplan. How can we define intrinsic motivation? [PDF]
            Hiolle and Canamero. Conscientious caretaking for autonomous robot [PDF]

11:50 Poster highlights
            Oudeyer and Baranes. Intrinsically motivated exploration as efficient active learning in unknown and unprepared spaces [PDF]
            Oudeyer and Delaunay. Developmental exploration in the cultural evolution of lexical conventions [PDF]
            Eppendahl and Gan. A curious Khepera [PDF]
            Boucenna, Gaussier and Andry. What should be taught first: the emotional expression or the face? [PDF]
            Hofe and Moore. AnTon: Using an animatronic tongue and vocal tract model to investigate language learning [PDF]
            Grzyb and del Pobil. Developing a sense of bodily self [PDF]
            Yamamoto, Terada and Kuniyoshi. Where is the knack in lifting of human-like objects [PDF]
            Petters and Waters. Epigenetic development of attachment styles in autonomous agents [PDF]

12:30 Lunch / poster session

14:00 Keynote: Susan Oyama: Development without roof, without walls, without floor

15:00 Session: Sensorimotor Skills
            Kulic and Nakamura. Incremental learning and memory consolidation of whole body motion patterns [PDF]
            Lange-Kuettner and Finn. Musical notation and fine motor skills when playing the soprano recorder [PDF]
            Coffee break
            Johansson and Balkenius. Learning to anticipate the movements of intermittently occluded objects [PDF]
            Guerin and McKenzie. A Piagetian model of early sensorimotor development [PDF]

17:15 Closing and business meeting
Organisational chair: Luc Berthouze
Program chair: Matthew Schlesinger