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Domains IX

Getting to Sussex and Check-in Information

The workshop will be held at the Falmer campus of the University of Sussex, Brighton.

The meeting will commence on Monday 22nd, 9:00am with registration and will close on Wednesday 24th with tea at 4pm.
Below you will find useful links for your travel to and stay at DOMAINS IX:

  • Some detailed instructions and information
  • Document the instructions above refer to
  • Campus map DOMAINS IX
  • highlighting buildings important to the meeting General Campus maps and how to get here.
  • General information for delegates about the University of Sussex campus accommodation and other facilities.
  • Checking in on Sunday:
    Your rooms will be available from 2pm onwards. You need to go to the 24h reception and security desk in York House (see maps above) to check in and get your keys (and parking permit). You can check in as late as you like. Note that on Sunday there is not much activity on campus and there are no food outlets open. However, there is a nice pub about 6mins from your rooms next to the campus, The 'Swan Inn' (see Campus Map DOMAINS IX above). It offers not only a fine selection of beers (even Bavarian ones). The pub opens just for us on Sunday evening from 7:00pm (not 6:30 as announced earlier)!!!! Linda will do her pub style dinners (toasts,fish,jacket potatoes etc.). The pub guide writes:
    Swan Inn, Falmer, Middle Street
    Tel. 01273 681842
    Opening hours: 11-2:30pm, 6-11pm Mon-Sat; 7-11pm Sunday evening 
    Gale's GB, HSB; Palmer Best Bitter; guest beer
    This friendly three-bar local has been run by the same family since
    1903. Interesting traditional decor. Guest beers usually from
    independent brewers.
    Breakfast is from 8:00am in the Downs Restaurant (Bramber House) on Monday morning. Bring the vouchers (they are in your room).
  • Checking in on Monday:
    Your rooms will be available from 2pm. You can leave your luggage in a dedicated room (ask at registration desk and see `Instructions document' above). Car permits can be obtained from the Registration Desk. We recommend to check in before 5:30pm directly at the reception of your building depending on what accommodation you booked (see maps above). After that check in will be again via York House.
    Your first breakfast will be Tuesday morning in the Downs Restaurant, Bramber House.
  • Registration on Monday:
    Please go to the Arts C Building behind Bramber House (see maps). In the Foyer you will find the Registration Desk, open from ca. 8:45am. The conference room is nearby (Room C 133). The Registration Desk will also be open during breaks and lunch times. If you have any questions please ask the staff there.
  • Public Transport in Brighton
    For travelling between campus and Brighton we recommend the train which only takes 9minutes and a Cheap Day Return ticket costs around 2.70 GBP if you travel after 9am in the morning on weekdays (no restriction on weekends). There is also a frequent bus connection (Bus 25) to and from Brighton. On the bus a Day Saver Ticket is available for about 3.50 GBP that qualifies for unlimited travel in the city on a given day (See also `Detailed Instructions' above).
  • Walking, Hiking, Running
    Note that the campus, due to its proximity to the South Downs, offers great possibilities for walks and runs. When you arrive at your room you find a detailed `Welcome Package' with maps.