Workshop Domains IX

Brighton, UK, 22-24 September 2008.

The Workshop on Domains is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. The workshop will focus on domains, their applications and related topics. Previous meetings were held in Darmstadt (94,99,04), Braunschweig (96), Munich (97), Siegen (98), Birmingham (02) and Novosibirsk (07).

The emphasis is on the exchange of ideas between participants similar in style to Dagstuhl seminars. In particular, talks on subjects presented at other conferences and workshops are acceptable.

We plan to publish proceedings of the workshop in a journal. There will be a call for papers after the workshop. The papers will be refereed according to normal publication standards.

You can still register for the workshop. If you are a UK based PhD student or a mathematician based in one of the states of the former Soviet Union or in Africa then please consult our grant information page and contact us. Subsidies for participation have been kindly offered by the EPSRC and LMS.

Domains IX is sponsored by the
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