Next Generation Networking

NS2 Tutorial 2005

Date: December 9, 2005

Venue: Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Tutors: Mark Handley, Richard Mortier, Brad Karp and Tom Kelly .

  • 10:00 opening remarks
  • 10:10 Microsoft Research Laboratories Welcome
  • 10:15 ns2 basics - Richard Mortier, Microsoft Research
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 12:45 how (not) to run a simulation - Mark Handley, UCL
  • 13:45 break
  • 14:00 ns2 and wireless - Brad Karp, UCL
  • 14:45 break
  • 15:00 ns2 and congestion control - Tom Kelly, Credit Suisse First Boston
  • 16:30 close

Registration before the event is required, but there is no cost. Email that you will be attending. You need to be associated with a UK institution to attend.

You will need a wireless enabled laptop with ns2 installed to participate. There will be an informal gathering the evening before for those staying overnight.

We are very grateful to Microsoft Research for hosting this event.

Upcoming Events

Coseners 2013

The Brendan Murphy prize for the best presentation was won by Gareth Tyson.

The tentative dates for next year's workshop are July 10-11 2014. We have now passed organisational responsibility across from Ian Wakeman to Iain Phillips at Loughborough and Hamed Haddaddi at QMUL.