Next Generation Networking


Registration is now open for Cosener's Multi Service Network, on 7-8th July 2011. Thanks to generous sponsorship from Microsoft Research and Juniper Networks , we have been able to reduce prices for students to GBP120, whilst prices for everyone else remain at GBP220.

Please let me know if you wish to volunteer a talk. As ever we want to encourage contributions from both young researchers and more established members of the community. We will once again be selecting a contribution to be awarded the Brendan Murphy Memorial Young Researcher Prize, sponsored by the British Computer Society. This prize is in memory of Brendan Murphy, who was an outstanding researcher and mountaineer known to many in the communications and distributed systems research community, and a regular participant at MSN since its inception.

Dates of future Cosener's meetings

2012: (tentatively) 12th-13th July
Ian Wakeman

Upcoming Events

Coseners 2013

The Brendan Murphy prize for the best presentation was won by Gareth Tyson.

The tentative dates for next year's workshop are July 10-11 2014. We have now passed organisational responsibility across from Ian Wakeman to Iain Phillips at Loughborough and Hamed Haddaddi at QMUL.