Next Generation Networking

NGN Network Measurement and Analysis Tutorial, 2006

Date: December 11, 2006

Venue: Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Leader: Dr Andrew Moore

  • 10:00 Introduction
    • 10:00 Kick off - Andrew Moore - problem space, thinking ahead, you and the law
    • 10:45 morning tea
    • 11:15 Session 2: Dinan Gunawardena - monitoring with Windows and deluged with data Fabian Schneider - hardware selection for monitoring
    • 12:30 lunch + hardware demo
    • 13:30 Session 3: Steve Uhlig - netflow, and routing data as a source of measurement
    • 14:15 afternoon tea
    • 15:00 Session 4: Steve Gilmore - Statistics for the measurement community
    • Wrap-up
    • 16:00 beer

    Registration before the event is required, but there is no cost. Email that you will be attending. You need to be associated with a UK institution to attend.

    The workshop will segue into the Programmable Networks Workshop.

    Questions and suggestions to

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The Brendan Murphy prize for the best presentation was won by Gareth Tyson.

The tentative dates for next year's workshop are July 10-11 2014. We have now passed organisational responsibility across from Ian Wakeman to Iain Phillips at Loughborough and Hamed Haddaddi at QMUL.