Next Generation Networking

Junosphere day at Loughborough

This tutorial is designed to give a hands on demonstration of how Junosphere can be used for teaching and research purposes. The tutorial is free to researchers from UK academic institutions.

To register, email with details of who is coming, institutions, and any special dietary considerations. We'd also find it helpful if you give the primary reasons for coming eg teaching or research.

Date: Tuesday, 13th December

Location: Seminar room: N112, Haslegrave Building, Loughborough University.

10:30 Coffee
10:45 Introductions
11:00Introduction to Junosphere, Joel Obstfeld, Juniper Networks
12:00Research Experiences at Loughborough on BGP and RPKI, Olaf Mannael, Loughborough University
14:00Teaching experiences at QMUL teaching example, Vindya Wijeratne QMUL. This will be about the set of experiments done with two cohorts using Junosphere, including a brief comparison with a previous physical lab setup.
15:00 Loughborough teaching example, with hands on demonstration of configuring junipers in the cloud and connecting them over a layer-2 connection (tunnelled over the Internet) to local hardware. The example is complex and comprehensive so covers most of what would be in a normal lab environment.
16:00 Tea break followed by breakout and discussions or continued hands on experience
17:00 Close

Iain Phillips will organise a pub trip post-event for anyone with late flights/trains/staying over.

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Coseners 2013

The Brendan Murphy prize for the best presentation was won by Gareth Tyson.

The tentative dates for next year's workshop are July 10-11 2014. We have now passed organisational responsibility across from Ian Wakeman to Iain Phillips at Loughborough and Hamed Haddaddi at QMUL.