Next Generation Networking


Cosener's Multi-Service Network Workshop

We will be continuing the fine traditions of the Cosener's Multi-Service Network Workshop. The dates of the next workshops are 7-8th July 2011. The proceedings from the previous workshops can be found here:

Programmable Networks Workshop

We ran annual workshops to support the Programmable Networks projects funded by the EPSRC.

The 2003 workshop was held in Brighton on December 15 and 16. Slides are available to view on the web.

The 2004 workshop was held in Lancaster on November 30 and 31. Slides are available to view on the web.

The 2006 workshop was held in Cambridge on December 11 and 12. Slides are available to view on the web.

Training Workshops

Under the the umbrella of NGN, we will be organising a series of training days on subjects useful to networking research. The first workshop was on PlanetLab .

The second workshop was on NS2.

The third workshop was on Network Measurement.

Upcoming Events

Coseners 2013

The Brendan Murphy prize for the best presentation was won by Gareth Tyson.

The tentative dates for next year's workshop are July 10-11 2014. We have now passed organisational responsibility across from Ian Wakeman to Iain Phillips at Loughborough and Hamed Haddaddi at QMUL.