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Domains IX Workshop 08

Brighton, UK, 22-24 September 2008.


The Workshop on Domains is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. The workshop will focus on domains, their applications and related topics. Previous meetings were held in Darmstadt (94,99,04), Braunschweig (96), Munich (97), Siegen (98), Birmingham (02) and Novosibirsk (07).


The emphasis is on the exchange of ideas between participants similar in style to Dagstuhl seminars. In particular, talks on subjects presented at other conferences and workshops are acceptable.

Invited Speakers (Confirmed)

This provisional list of contributed talks (in order of arrival) is still subject to change. A more detailed programme for the workshop including abstracts will be published on these pages soon.


Domain theory has had applications to programming language semantics and logics (lambda-calculus, PCF, LCF), recursion theory (Kleene-Kreisel countable functionals), general topology (injective spaces, function spaces, locally compact spaces, Stone duality), topological algebra (compact Hausdorff semilattices) and analysis (measure, integration, dynamical systems). Moreover, these applications are related - for example, Stone duality gives rise to a logic of observable properties of computational processes.
As such, domain theory is highly interdisciplinary. Topics of interaction with domain theory for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • program semantics
  • program logics
  • probabilistic computation
  • exact computation over the real numbers
  • lambda calculus
  • games
  • models of sequential computation
  • constructive mathematics
  • recursion theory
  • realizability
  • real analysis and computability
  • topology, metric spaces and domains
  • locale theory
  • category theory
  • topos theory
  • type theory

Venue and Duration

The workshop will be held at the University of Sussex at Falmer, Brighton.

The meeting will commence on Monday 22nd, 9:30am and will close on Wednesday 24th with tea at around 4pm. Participants are invited to stay on and accommodation can be provided for Wednesday night as well.
Further useful links for your travel to and stay at Sussex:

Registration and Accommodation

Bed & breakfast in single rooms can be provided on campus with en suite bathroom at at £ 45 per night in our brand new halls of residence (Swanborough, Building 13 on campus map) or at a more economical £ 30.50 (budget option) with shared facilities (Lancaster House, Building 6 on campus map). There is a 24h porter service on campus so you can check in at any time. Lunch is included in the registration fee. There will be no organized evening meals except the Workshop dinner on Tuesday 23rd which is optional for £ 30.

Registration is now open.


for the reduced registration fee of £ 40 (including lunches). Please register as early as possible to secure a room on campus at the above mentioned rates. You can still register after August 7th at a fee of £ 70, and we might still get you a room but we are unable to guarantee availability and you run the risk of having to find accommodation yourself which can be quite tricky in Brighton. Note that the registration fee includes all lunches (Mo-Wed). Lunches will take place in a building adjacent to the lecture theatre. To register, please download and print the
filling in all relevant fields including your room booking. Sign the form and fax it (or send via surface mail) to

   Mrs Elizabeth Marriott 
   Fax:  +44 (0)1273 877873
   Department of Informatics
   University of Sussex
   Brighton BN1 9QJ

If you complete the form by hand, please make sure your writing is readable. To obtain the cheaper registration fee your fax or letter must reach us on August 7th. Successful registration will be confirmed by email. Registered participants will then receive further instructions about their accommodation, check in and the exact location of the meeting. They will get a receipt of their payment at the meeting. You are expected to pay by credit card. If this is not possible or should you have further questions regarding registration please contact Elizabeth at E.Marriott @ sussex.ac.uk.
Regarding use of internet on campus, here is a link that epxlains how to find the MAC address we asked for on the Registration Form. And here are explanations how to set up your laptop to use the wireless/wired network on campus. Please note that your accommodation will only have wired access for which you need to bring your network cable and tell us your wired MAC address inthe registration form.

Special Grants by our Sponsors

PhD students with a grant from the EPSRC can get free accommodation, subsistence and registration for DOMAINS IX thanks to support from the EPSRC.
Mathematicians from former Soviet states or Africa (Scheme 5 countries) can also get financial support provided by the LMS.
If you think you are eligible for any of the above please contact the PC as soon as possible at the workshop email address domains9 @ sussex.ac.uk .

Late Submission of Abstracts

Submission is now officially closed but there are a few slots remaining so if you decided you would like to give a talk after all, send your one page abstract quickly to the workshop address given above.

Please be aware that if you submit now at this late stage we are not able to guarantee a slot even if your abstract is accepted. Shortly after an abstract is submitted the authors will be notified by the programme committee. The criterion for acceptance is relevance to the meeting. In particular, talks on subjects presented at other conferences and workshops are acceptable.

Earlier Announcements

Programme Committee

Organization Committee


We plan to publish proceedings of the workshop in a journal. There will be a call for papers after the workshop. The papers will be refereed according to normal publication standards.

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